Thursday, November 05, 2009

New Hope

I'm a couple days into the trip and it's been hard, but good. I have had some really good conversation with some of the NGO employees here as I continue to seek God's guidance. I appreciate all you guys praying for me at home. I have a ton of pictures but don't have the time to upload them yet. But hopefully can soon!

I do have one story to share. The past two days I have been visiting a hostel called New Hope which is kind of like an orphanage. At one point all the girls were singing songs together and a girl about 8 turns to me ask "Do you know Jesus?" I answered yes, but I could tell that wasn't good enough for her. So then she asked with concern "But do you believe in Him?" It was so tender and from a genuine desire that I would know the same Jesus that she knows. It touched my heart.

Hopefully I'll post pictures soon.

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